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Available test results from the Paint Research Association in the United Kingdom of the B-earth I paint product are shown in the table, as stipulated for national and international environmental and quality standards for paint products). Contact B-earth International for further information.

Paint Characteristic

Standard Test Procedure

Paint Characteristic

Standard Test Procedure

VOC content

ISO 11890

Resistance to water immersion

ISO 2812-1

Spreading rate

ISO 7254

Abrasion resistance

ISO 7784-2


ISO 2811-1


ISO 2409

Flash point / Combustibility

BS EN 456 / BS 3900: Part A11

Assessment of blistering, chalking, cracking, flaking and rusting

ISO 4628 1-6

Volume solids

ISO 3251

Chip resistance

BS AU 148 Part 15

Non-volatile content

ISO 3251

Drying time (surface and through)

ISO 1517 and 9117

Resistance to humidity

BS 3900: Part F2

Film thickness

ISO 2808


ASTM G85 Annex A5


ISO 6860

Resistance to salt spray

ISO 7253


ISO 2813

Resistance to sulphur dioxide

ISO 3231


ISO 1518

Artificial weathering

ISO 11507

Impact resistance

ISO 6272

Assessment of light fastness

PRA in-house method

Permeability to water

ASTM D 1653

Temperature/ humidity exposure

PRA in-house method

Resistance to liquids and stains

ISO 2812-1 Method 3

Resistance to temperature change

PRA in-house method

Scrub resistance and clean ability

ISO 11998